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Competitive advantages

HR software created by HR professionals
  • Unified and accessible information at all times
  • Process automation
  • You will eliminate unnecessary work; you will save time
  • Includes "best practices"
  • Minimal investment and easy to implement
  • Constant training and technical support
  • Endorsed by University teachers
  • Focused on meeting the needs of SME's
  • Permanent updates and continuous evolution
  • Integration with other software
  • Ready for teleworking

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The Nomad Unit is the basic unit that all companies need to integrate, centralize and digitize all the information of their employees in a platform. You will be able to gain efficiency and get the most out of your Human Resources department.

You can have a first-rate HR department from day one!


Who is Nomada HR intended for?


Nomad HR is a highly useful area for fully organized employees. It helps to be completly informed, have all the documentation to the abast and will help to contact both the partners fostering the relationship between all. It's easy to use and have fun. Designed to be used also with mobile devices.


Nomada HR is a great tool if you want to reduce micromanagement. The tool will help you to have all the unified information of your collaborators; Furthermore, this tool will also help you and allow you to improve performance evaluation processes. It is intuitive for everyone and easy to develop.

Responsibles of the Human Resources

Nomada HR will help the HR team reduce the volume of tasks by automating processes and improving team efficiency. It will allow the HR department to focus on tasks of value and dedicate its time to what really matters; people. It will be possible to make decisions based on real data.

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- Detection of training needs
- Formation request
- Formation plan
- Formation registration
- Evaluation of satisfaction (student)
- Efficiency evaluation (manager)
- Cost and hours of formation


- The evaluation of compliance
- Employee self-assessment
- Manager evaluation
- Talent map (9 boxes) by area
- Evaluation of the functions of the employee
- Evaluation of the employee competences

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